The Team – Rotorua

We stand and fall by the quality of our people. As a business we are only as good as the guys that work for us.
That is why we invest so much time and money in training and safety.

Let us introduce some key people and explain how everybody in the company has a clearly defined role.

Donald Trott || Rob Potts | The Foremen | The Roofers | The Office

Donald Trott – Owner

After a successful career in plumbing for 12 years, I moved into the roofing industry with the aim of developing my administration and people skills. I joined Dimonds in a sales role, becoming Contracts Manager four years later. I was able to change the way in which Dimonds fitted their product, making it more professional and putting pride into the contractors work.
In 1999 I set up Amalgamated Roofing, at the invitation of Dimonds, who wanted us to take over the supply and fixing of roofs in the Bay of Plenty, leaving them to focus on manufacturing.
Since then, we have gone from strength to strength. By 2002 we had moved into purpose-built workshops in Vaughan Road, Rotorua, which remains our head office.
We are very proud of the rapid expansion of Amalgamated Roofing. We feel that we are setting new standards in the roofing industry.
So, what is the secret of our success?
Good communication and loyalty to customers and suppliers.
There really is no secret. It is a combination of hard work, commitment to quality in everything we do, developing and looking after a skilled workforce and getting the details right.
Also, we are never content with how we go about things. We are always looking for new and better ways to get them done.
I’m proud of the way in which we have got ourselves the reputation of being able to do the tricky and challenging jobs that others walk away from. It shows that we are problem solvers and that we are very good at what we do.